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Why You Need a Professional Headshot

A recent study of two Princeton University psychologists deducts that it takes only a tenth of a second for an average human to form an impression of a stranger just from their face. In general, humans are quick in formulating opinions solely based on appearances, usually within a fraction of a second.

It is obvious that the education and experience you bring to the table took you more than that tenth of a second to achieve and acquire. It is advisable not to let your professional brand camera be jeopardized by a sad looking headshot. Perhaps the photograph that one of your colleagues took of you at a local restaurant, or a not-so-professional setting, or the unnecessarily filtered Instagram selfie from last month.  And as it correlates to a professional business, employees are frequently referred to as a company’s greatest asset, so don’t depreciate your brand by having second-rate photos of yourself. Headshots Los Angeles can provide everything you think you need, and even what you don’t know you need.

Professional Headshots Aren’t What You’ve Kept Since Highschool

Here is where people need to change their perception from that of a traditional headshot. When one thinks of getting their portrait taken at a photo studio, maybe they give heed back to the 1980’s era images. Always keep in mind the tenth of a second judgment discussed earlier here. When someone is seeing your face for the first time with that headshot on social media, what do you want them to take away? An image of an irresponsible high-school grad? Nope, certainly not.

Radiate Positive Approach with Confidence

Investing in a professional, high-quality headshot is not only an investment in your personal brand, but it is related to your immediate employment as well. A well-oriented picture of yours shows you at your best, the way you want your prospective clients and customers to see you. Only a few of us are naturally photogenic and many aren’t. Hence, amateur photography sometimes ends up making you look everything but like you actually do in person, and definitely not your best. A professional photographer who specializes in headshots certainly knows how to position you, and that how to choose the best backdrop along with the use of lighting to get the best shot possible.

If you are looking to do business with a prospective client for the first time, what would your impression be if they look like they are uncomfortable, nervous, or boring in their headshot? This is the point where confidence is obviously vital. Whether you are recruiting or doing some business with them, you’re certainly trusting them with your time and money. Their confidence will in turn provide you with the confidence that they do have the ability to get the said job done. On the other side, confidence without approachability isn’t quite desirable and most of the time it can leave you with an impression of arrogance. And nobody wants to work with, invest their time or their money in confusion. No one. Approachability in a professional headshot portrays that others can trust you, work with you, and enjoy being with you.

Getting the perfect headshot look

As mentioned earlier, choosing the correct photographer is key to getting the confidence with approachability look. It is definitely the responsibility of the photographer, not you, to create that perfect look. For some, the worst part of a professional headshot is that there are no candid moments like that of a wedding photographer clicking random pictures of your reaction after watching the bridesmaids. The moment certainly has to be manufactured (of course by the photographer) to make you just forget that you are actually in front of the camera. This can be tough at times, when the camera is less than six feet from your face.

Hence, while choosing a headshots Los Angeles photographer, take a good look at their past work and more specifically their subjects’ expressions as they’ll be your role models for a few minutes. All professionals must be able to provide a properly composed photograph but the thing that sets it apart is in the expressions.

Remember, you’ve only got a tenth of a second to create an impression of your own. So, it’s time to update your ‘to-do’ list and find a professional photographer in your vicinity.

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