Wedding as a Way of Honoring Unmet Grandmother

Madison Kantzer has never had a vision of her ideal wedding as the majority of girls have. For Madison wedding has always been a distant event so that she would prefer to think about it once there is a real marriage proposal. Despite having unusual women lifestyle and vision, one thing has always been clear for Madison: her fairy wedding day would be impossible without amazing beaded dress of her beloved grandmother she never met. 

The big day came at the end of 2015 when Madison’s sweet love Adam Hoffman asked for her hand in marriage. After being engaged women lifestyle often changes dramatically impacting the enchantment of the wedding day for both bride and groom. However, this was not true for Madison and her fiance Adam. She knew nothing can spoil such an important event once she wears a magical dress belonged to her late grandmother who has always been a source of positive energy and inspiration for Madison. 

Adele Schiff Greene, the grandmother of Madison, was a lady of refined taste so that the floor-length, beaded dress once belonged to her has been a family heirloom for many years. As a little girl admiring the dress, Madison had always felt proud of being a granddaughter of a lady with such an exquisite taste. Unfortunately, neither her mother Patricia Greene nor Madison herself did not have the pleasure to spend enough time with Adele. Patricia was only 14 when Adele passed away in 1969 while Madison had not had even a chance to see her alive. 

Adele Schiff Greene passed away in her prime at the age of 40. It turned out to be an irreplaceable loss for the family. Cherishing the dress and keeping Adele alive in stories telling to the family members have become the only way of dealing with the grief. 

According to Madison, her mother Patricia talks a lot about her grandmother. She also has adoptive parents Carl and Geraldine Simon who were friends of Adele willing to support the family after her death. They also tell a number of stories about Adele keeping this stylish woman and her lifestyle alive. 

The stories reveal that Adele was ahead of her time in terms of women lifestyle. Madison’s grandmother stood out of the crowd among the majority of women of that time playing the role of housewives. This amazing lady was not only extremely stylish but also smart so that she had no doubts when decided to apply to law school. 

The tradition of the family to tell stories about Adele Schiff Greene has helped Madison to reveal that she and her grandmother have so much in common. Exactly like her fascinating kinswoman, Madison is self-confident and truly believes that things she does are right. 

The amazing dress has its own unique story that is very important for Madison and her family. The jewelry worn with it and photographs showing Adele wearing the incredible dress are those things that help to remember the original story. 

More than half of the century ago, in 1966, the dress was purchased by Adel from Hirshleifers, an exclusive women lifestyle shop located in Manhasset, New York. Despite being bought in a popular shop, the designer of the dress still remains unknown which makes Adel’s purchase even more mysterious. 

In order to preserve the family heirloom, Patricia went to one of the affiliated stores of Neiman Marcus for help. Being kept in a special light and dust protection packaging, the dress worn more than 50 years ago was perfectly ready for gracing Madison’s wedding that took place on April 9, 2016, at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. 

After Adam put a ring once belonged to Simon on the ring finger of Madison, the lovebirds wed beneath a prayer shawl that belonged to her great-grandfather. “Everything was exactly as it should be,” Madison said. 

After the marriage ceremony was completed, the bride changed the legendary dress to floral Adrianna Papell gown. Despite being eye-catching, the second dress was unable to make the same impression as the beaded gown of the fascinating lady from a distant past Adele Schiff Greene. 

The dress helped not only to make the wedding outstanding and unique but also to ensure that beloved unmet grandmother had the ability to attend the special occasion of her granddaughter at least in spirit. “I knew that grandmother was kind of here,” Madison said, “and I know that this was especially important for my mother, Patricia.”