Are the New Full-Coverage Eyelashes from One Two Cosmetics Better Than the Originals? 

False eyelashes are becoming a staple of any woman’s beauty kit. Although they have been used in beauty magazines for some time, the magazines now openly emphasize the use of fake eyelashes and the variety available to the product. Among the many brands, One Two Cosmetics rank in the top and are recommended by several beauty magazines and cosmeticians.

Although they are beautiful, fake eyelashes are also difficult to use which is why One Two Cosmetics Full Eyelashes stand out among the rest. The original One Two Lash was a magnetized half lash and stayed on your eyelashes for any time and any day use.  

Those lashes, while still available, have been updated and now also come in full coverage eyelashes. Like the old ones, they’re magnetized but because of the longer top strip, use two lashes to attach to your eyelashes instead of one. With a simple “click!” the eyelashes lock into place and remain there until removed.

The magnet technology originally created by One Two Cosmetics and is unique to their products. Furthermore, the company uses high-quality, cutting-edge fibers in their eyelashes that are of the top premium-grade. Other magnetic lashes available are only copies and simply can’t compare. 

With the ease of use and quality construction, these new full eyelashes have taken fake eyelashes to a whole new level.
one two cosmetics full eyelashes

Advantages of Magnetic Lashes  

One Two Cosmetics full eyelashes have several advantages over traditional fake lashes that use glue and the original One Two Lash. 

1.) The eyelashes cover the entire eye with the magnetic strip helping to enhance the entire eye line.
2.) The product can be easily adjusted to fit the uniqueness of each user’s eye contour.  

One Two Lash proved a little problematic when users tried to adapt them their own eyes. Sometimes they lined up awkwardly and looked too obvious on the lashes. It’s possible to trim the lashes to fit better, but if done incorrectly, would permanently ruin the falsies. One Two Cosmetics addressed the problem by releasing new adjustable designs so users can easily adjust the lashes to create the perfect fit, which not only increased the longevity of the lashes themselves but also made the lashes more accessible for everyday use.

Apart from the easy and precise application, One Two Cosmetics also offers its customers extended volume and length in their lashes. Depending on the desired look, users can have several pairs of One Two Cosmetics Lashes to fit any occasions quickly and efficiently with a natural from corner to corner. 

Using Magnetic Eyelashes

The application process of the new magnetic lashes versus the old is different even if it is just as simple.  

Full Coverage: Holding the lash with magnet-side down in the palm of your hand, simply move the lash over the eye and watch how the magnetism naturally connects the ends of your lashes to the ends of the false ones.

Applicator Approach: If this process does not work, the new magnetic versions supply a magnetic applicator like the old. This compact tool easily grabs on the magnetic lash and allows the user to position the lash over the natural eye where it will quickly attach.  

Magnetic Eyelash Styles 

The original magnetic falsies and the new full coverage both offer Original, Enhanced, Bold, and Extra Bold options. 

Original: Not too long or too short, these lashes enhance the eyes in a more neutral and natural way.
Enhanced: With longer and thicker fibers, these lashes significantly enhance the natural eye.
Bold: Also known affectionately as the “va-va-voom” style, these eyelashes are a popular accessory for nights out or special occasions.
Extra Bold: One of the top sellers during prom season, these dramatic full lashes offer optimal length while given the most volume of any One Two Cosmetic fake eyelashes 

Even the packaging for the product fits the stylishness of the eyelashes themselves. The sleek, black cases are magnetized to hold the lashes in place and ensure the safety of the product.

Cost of One Two Cosmetic Full Eyelashes
Buying a pair of stylish, magnetic, and long-lasting eyelashes will cost you $69 if purchased directly from the company website. Considering that the product naturally attaches to your eyes and can be used repeatedly, the price is minimal compared to the quality of the product you purchase. 

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