Tips To Get Natural Softness And Shining Hair

When it comes to looking great, your hairs play a vital role and often it is women who give more importance to hairstyles than men. And since they have long hairs, giving importance to hair care becomes quite obvious. The best looks they can get is with long and straight hairs that look perfect and stands out. This is why girls and women give more prominence to hair straightening, in spite of its side effects. However, with few easy to follow and effective steps, you can retain the natural softness, shine, volume, and strength; even after a session of hair straightening. 

1. Use of a hair protestant

Before you pick your straightening iron, consider applying a protective serum or a hair moisturizer. It forms a protective layer around your hairs that will drastically minimize the damage from hot iron. There are plenty of different types of serum that you can find. Choose the one that suits your hair type such as oily, dry, split ends, frizzy as serums are made specific to different conditions of hair. 

2. Keep your hairs moist and not wet

This is one of the most basic hair care tips and anyone attempting straightening must strictly follow this. Your hairs require to be just a little moist and not completely wet. Using hot iron directly on wet hair can cause more damage and can even burn your hair. It is best to let it dry up to 75% after the was and then you are ready to go. 

3. Get rid of split ends

Frequent sessions of straightening results in split ends and the damage can increase if the problem is left unattended. You can overcome this side effects with regular trimming and get the splits end cut off. Do this couple of days after the straightening session and there is no harm if you get a trim more often too. 

4. Herbal hair packs

There are plenty of natural ingredients that can be used in making DIY hair packs. Honey, yogurt, aloe vera, eggs, banana, etc are some of the natural ingredients that you can use to make a paste and apply to your hairs. You can create a mixture of two or more of these as well. There are various herb based packs that you can find on the market too. These packs do not have any side effects and since no chemical is used, your hair and scalp get natural hair care. So strong hairs can withstand the side effects of straightening. You can use these packs once or twice a week to get more benefits. 

5. Benefits of oils

Your hair requires plenty of nutrients to protect itself and the best way to deliver them is through hair oils. You can use coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil and various other oils made using natural ingredients. Once you apply oil, your hairs tend to attract dust and dirt in the air. So protect it with a hot towel wrap after application and leave at least an hour before wash. This is recommended time for your hairs to absorb the nutrients from oils. 

6. Post straightening hair care

Applying serum on your hairs after a straightening session can reduce the immediate impact of hot iron. Apply sufficient serum all over your hairs that works like a cooling agent. So the damage that can occur from the heat intensity of up to 180 degrees from the iron can be effectively reduced. Again, stick to the basic rules of choosing the right serum for your hair type. 

7. Rejuvenation at a Spa

If your hair is subjected to constant heat from regular straightening, you need more than just DIY hair care. Getting a nice massage with a more intense serum application can help you overcome the side effects quickly and more effectively as well. So do not hesitate to get that professional level once in a while. 

8. Do not wash soon after straightening

Washing hair immediately after straightening has similar effects of pouring water on a hot vessel. So give sufficient time for the hairs to cool down, however, you can use a dry shampoo to cool it quickly. Dry shampoo also helps in keeping hairs straight for longer and you can eliminate the need to wash your hairs too. 

9. Conditioning your hair

It is important that you use a damage reduction conditioner after washing your hair. And once you rinse your hair, make sure to apply an after wash conditioner hat will remain to protect your hairs further. 

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