Best Eye Makeup Without Making Your Purse Cry

Make up is definitely a part of every woman’s life. Each woman has her own favorite; whether its eye makeup, lip color, blush or eyebrow color.

When it comes to the best eye makeup, mascara is one of the favorites among ladies. Having long, thick eyelashes emphasizes your eyes and completes your entire look.

Ardell has the Lash Magic mascara which magically blends your artificial lashes to your natural ones so they look all-natural. It’s creates incredibly thick lashes and are absolutely clump-free. If you are looking for more options with affordable prices and decent quality, check out Absolute New York. They have a wide range of selections just for your mascara and they are quite affordable. They don’t smudge and clump and you will definitely have gorgeously long and thick eyelashes.

If you want thick, long, defined eyelashes without the need for false lashes, try Ofra volumizing mascara. It’s a bit pricey but quality is great and you won’t regret the investment. You can find these amazing brands at They also offer Alix Avien mascara line which is of equal quality and is waterproof and keeps your lashes moisturized.

Another best eye makeup essential is the eye shadow. For that glamorous, captivating look, your eye shadow must complement your entire makeup. The Balm nude palette eye shadow collection is simple yet chic and elegant. Plus, they are easy to blend. And for the price tag, they are undeniably a great catch. If you want to be playful and add more color to your eyes, go for Jeffree Star Cosmetics eyeshadow palette. They are rich in color and texture and they are available in metallic and super matte.

For more color in one palette, Kara Beauty has you covered. They have these 35 color palettes for fall and bright and matte which you can easily blend to achieve the look you want. Their pixie dust eye shadow palette is great for subtle, girly looks. These amazing eye shadow brands are available at where it’s convenient to shop even when you’re on the go.

Of course, your look will not be complete without the eye brows. Ardell offers an eye brow kit that you can easily sneak in to your purse so you can retouch anytime. To finish up your smoky eye, use Absolute New York Super Slim Eye Brow Pencil. It’s easy to look for these brands. Just go to and go to Eye Makeup. They offer these brands in discounted prices so you get the best deal out of your makeup.

If you’re eyelids are puffy due to lack of sleep or too much of it, hide them away with an under eye concealer. They also work for black under eyes. Absolute New York Cover Stick Concealer has the right shade for you: apricot beige, butter cream, tropez and warm sands. All these shades are available at Banglashoppers and they are all on sale. No matter how nice your eye shadow and under eye concealer is, you still need an eye primer. Ardell Beauty is an easy to apply eye primer that makes your eye shadow last longer and gives it a smooth finish. Ofra eye gel primer is more on the expensive side but it’s great in preventing your eye shadow from creasing and makes your eye shadow color more vivid even after wearing them for 12 hours.

If you want your eye shadow to look more vibrant and last for a day without retouching, use Put A Lid on It eye primer from The Balm which is available in Banglashoppers. It’s a tad cheaper compared to Ardell Beauty, but just a dab of this wonderful primer will last you a day. It’s in a tube that allows you to control the flow of the product so it comes out in small amounts only. Great job for The Balm for coming up with this creative idea. Catch these amazing brands at Banglashoppers before they run out of stock.

You can’t have the best eye makeup without an eye liner, can you? Eye liner defines the eyes, giving it a contour for different aesthetic effects that you want to achieve. For that perfect cat-eye, use the Ardell Booster Liquid Eyeliner. It’s easy to apply and its perfume-free and alcohol free. If you prefer the gel-type, you will love the Fixline Eyeliner Gel by Ofra that is on sale at Banglashoppers. It’s seamless and smudge-resistant too.

Lastly, for that mega volume eye lashes to make your eyes more prominent, you need the Ardell false eyelashes. Banglashoppers has a wide variety of them available on sale. They also have the Absolute New York Fablashes which are incredibly thick and made from 100% human hair. Even without mascara, these babes will really make you look fabulous.

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