A Creative Mind – Sophia Webster

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. That is definitely told about Sophia Webster’s way to the top. 

After graduation from the Royal College of Art, Sophia was an apprentice Assistant Designer in Nicholas Kirkwood. From that moment on Sophia started to come up with sophisticated ideas as for women shoe design. To her, it’s something more than just work. Sophia’s assured shoes are one of the most exquisite kinds of woman lifestyle accessory. 

“I think shoes are really powerful. I think they have magical powers that other accessories don’t have. They make you stand in a different way. You hold your body differently. They make you physically look like the best version of yourself.”Says shoe designer Sophia Webster. 

Early Years and First success. 

The first time when her passion for shoes came to the surface was when Sophia was studying for her MA at Royall College of Art. There she caught an eye of Kirkwood, famous British footwear designer. 

During the classes, she started to come up with her first ideas of unordinary shoe design and encountered a heavy critic from the mentors. They were telling her to give up on these ideas as it was looking “too commercial” as they said. 

After graduation, she was invited to become an apprentice designerin Nicholas Kirkwood.

“Nicholas gave me a lot of freedom. He is so imaginative and has a strong vision of what he wants a shoe to look like,” she says. “But I did have to learn and do things his way, so it’s nice now to be completely selfish and do what I want to do.” 

Sophia kept her point to the end, and on September 2012 she launched her first eponymous footwear line. The next year Conde Nast Footwear news named Webster the “Emerging Footwear Designer of the Year 2013.” And she also appeared on The Times 2013 New Power list as a new attendee. At the beginning of 2014, Marie Claire announced Sophia Webster as one of seven designers who will make the future of the British fashion. Further, Sophia received a considerable amount of rewards making her one of the most renowned woman lifestyle accessory designers in the world. 

Webster’s style. 

Webster’s woman lifestyle collections test the imagination thanks to their playful, fashion-forward styles. 

For some time, she was gathering inspiration from Brazil and various artists. All of her masterpieces shining with the vibrant colors (think of neon yellow, pastel blue, and hot pink). Whimsical motifs and funky materials are prevailing in her set. Styles range from platforms and kitten heels to flats beaded with decorations inspired by various sources. Each of her piece makes a statement, whether it’s lace-ups with laser-cut flamingos or polka-dot block heels. Her favorite pièce de résistance of summer woman lifestyle collection is a sleek ankle strap sandal representing Rio-de-Janeiro sunset, complete with a palm tree. 

Inspiration and a blank canvas. 

Nowadays after Sophia’s company grown from 30 employees to an enterprise that sells its goods in more than 200 countries, she still surprises her public with every release. Woman lifestyle accessories are never the same and completely different from one another. But how is it possible for all these years of hard work and production to create something new, not even close to what was before? Sophia says one of her constant sources of inspiration is music. She never takes headphones off when she’s working. Usually, after hearing a new fascinating song, she starts to burst with ideas, as she says, and rushes to create a new model starting from the most extraordinary parts. This is a usual way she creates most of her woman lifestyle accessories. 

Another source of inspiration is movies. 

“I definitely look to films, and I’m a big Tim Burton fan. My 2016 autumn-winter collection was inspired by Beetle juice movie.” 

Sophia takes a lot of time watching movies and then representing them in her woman lifestyle collections. 

As Sophia says, she sees a shoe like a blank canvas and applies all her inspired-mind ideas on it to bring colors and unique view. 

These days 

After all, it’s not surprising that even on the present moment, Sophia Webster keeps presenting brand-new and outstanding woman lifestyle accessories. In her flagship retail store that was opened just a year ago, on Mayfair’s Mount Street in London she presents all her recent masterpieces. To add, even the interior design inside the building translates her signature brand codes into a brick. Furniture boasts with different-color palettes and cleverly combined details from her cult footwear collections. We all hope that Sophia won’t stop surprising the fashion’s world with her constantly new and specific footwear and will continue to build the future of woman lifestyle accessories.