How Lectin Proteins Can Wreak Havoc on Your Diet 

Lectins are a form of protein, which binds to sugar to form glycoproteins. They are found in abundant portions in grains, legumes and certain dairy products. Lectin has evolved as a defense mechanism in plants deterring animals from consuming the plants. Lectins form a defensive mechanism for plants against predators such as pests, insects and microorganism. Once the plant is ingested, the lectin triggers a reaction, which makes the predator to believe that the food is harmful.  

They are commonly referred to as anti-nutrients due to their potent ability in reducing the body’s ability in absorbing nutrients. Lectins are indigestible and passes through the digestive tract without being absorbed. Unfortunately, their ability to bind to the cell membranes of the digestive tract renders them dangerous. Heavy consumption of lectins leads to the following symptoms.  

  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea Hormones alteration
  • Luminal membranes damage
  • Brain fog and fatigue
  • Disruption of carbohydrates, protein and lipid metabolism

It is imperative to take extra precaution if you are suffering from the following conditions since lectin consumption can cause them to worsen.  

  • Allergies  
  • Ulcerative colitis  
  • Celiac  
  • Asthma  
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)  
  • Premenstrual syndrome (PMS)  

High concentration of lectins is found in common healthy foods, which include:

  • Grains  
  • Legumes  
  • Grains  
  • Fruits and vegetables such as peppers, tomatoes, nightshade, berries and eggplants  

Given that our meals are plant-based, it is necessary to have adequate knowledge of the foods so that we can make well informed meal choices.  

Beneficial effects of lectins  

Though lectins lead to negative reactions in our bodies, they have a myriad of health benefits. Certain types of lectins help decrease the incidence of particular diseases such as lung and heart conditions. In addition, they help in programmed cell death, cell-to-cell adhesion, and inflammatory modulation.  

Ways of neutralizing or reducing lectins  

Unrefined legumes and grains are more nutritious when compared with the refined versions. Since these foods are heavily laden with lectins, overtime people have come up with ingenious ways to reap maximum benefits from the foods while reducing their adverse effects. A lectin- free diet tends to be very restrictive plan and difficult to follow for a long-term. This plan also cuts one of health and nutrition benefits of foods like beans, whole grains and certain vegetables.  

First, adherence to a lectin free diet is an easy way of avoiding lectins. There are wholesome diets, which are nutritious, and lectin free such as:  


  • Pasture raised meats  
  • Wild caught seafood  
  • Cruciferous vegetables  
  • Olives  
  • In season fruits  
  • Avocados  
  • Egg from un-caged chickens  
  • Leafy greens  

Since it is completely impossible to eliminate lectins in our meals, people have devised various means of reducing our lectin intake. Such as methods, include: 


Plant sprouting

Sprouting beans, grains and seeds helps decrease their lectin content. In general, the longer the sprouting duration, the more lectins get deactivated. Lectins are found in high concentrations in the seed coats, when they germinate, the coat gets metabolized eliminating the lectins in the process.  


Many people may not know the reason behind fermenting foods such as miso, tofu, tempoyak, natto and kimchi. It is surprising to note that, besides making the food tasty, fermentation boosts the digestive process. Fermentation allows the beneficial bacteria to digest and eliminate harmful substances in our meals. It also reduces the number of anti-nutrients in the meals. Though this process does not destroy the lectins completely, it helps reduce the stubborn lectins reducing their negative effects significantly.  


Soaking grains and beans before cooking them significantly reduces lectins level. Overnight soaking reduces the toxins hence reducing their ability and potency to cause undesirable effects in our bodies. After soaking, rinse the grains properly and cook them for the required time.  

Cooking Foods rich in lectin levels can be made safe for consumption by properly cooking them. Lectins are almost eliminated through cooking and proper processing. As a rule, stick to eating properly cooked meals unless it is safe when eaten raw. It’s advisable to avoid fads that advocate for consumption of raw diet since proper cooking helps reduce the levels of lectins in many foods  


While lectins have caused considerable health damage, there is evidence that lectin rich foods are beneficial to our overall health and we can’t avoid them completely. It is advisable to consult your doctor in the event you notice adverse effects, especially while on a new diet. Ensure you make informed decision to enhance your health by reducing your lectin intake. 

Meal Replacement Shakes For A Healthy Lifestyle

Being conscious of your healthy lifestyle choices is a great thing. It means that you take care of what you put into your body, while also providing it with the best foundations for maximum health. Nowadays, all too many are living a sedentary and less than ideal lifestyle, and it is easy to see why. With quick yet unhealthy snacks at every turn, more TV channels than ever, and the automation of many tasks, becoming unhealthy is easier than it should be. 

That doesn’t mean to say that every single person is moving less and eating more, but trends do show it is on the increase. If you enjoy living a healthy lifestyle or are looking at making changes to improve it, then using one of the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss can help you get on track. If you appreciate a healthy lifestyle and way of living, a meal replacement shake can help you make the most of it. 

When you look at the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss that is available today, you will notice that they are loaded with health-boosting goodness. See, they are not only about weight loss. A great shake can be incorporated into just about any lifestyle to help add extra nutritional benefits, and all in a few minutes too. While there are some inferior shakes loaded with artificial and synthetic rubbish, most are actually very good for you. 

As an example, the best shakes will contain a perfect blend of all of the essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to keep you in perfect condition. They will also contain a blend of plant-based proteins, a serving of body-boosting fiber, and lots of probiotics for a healthier stomach. All of these work hand in hand with each other to create a nutritionally balanced shake that you can enjoy wherever you may be. 

If you are new to living a healthy lifestyle, then the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss will help you adjust to your new way of living. You will discover that being healthy doesn’t involve starving yourself. It doesn’t even mean depriving yourself. It means you provide your body with the best nutrition for health and energy.  

A great way to look at it is this. Think of a low-quality shake as being sand, and a high-quality shake as being cement. Your body is a tower that is being built. Which one is a better foundation to build on? The sand which will cause you to topple and fall? Or the cement, which will have you standing strong and tall? The better the foundations of your diet are, the more likely you are to be able to continue with it. 

Every healthy eater will understand the importance of fiber. Fiber does so much more than just keep you regular. It also prevents your body from absorbing too many starches at any one time, thus you avoid blood sugar level rises. It also helps your gut digest food properly and keeps you feeling fuller for longer. All of these are vital when living a healthy lifestyle. 

Probiotics must also feature in your healthy way of living. Taking care of the good bacteria in your stomach has benefits throughout your entire body. As with every part of your body, taking care of good bacteria will promote a healthy stomach. Protein will also keep you feeling fuller for longer and help keep your muscles in good condition too. 

Exercise should also play a part in your healthy lifestyle, and protein is important here too. When you exercise, your muscle fibers will suffer from microtears. Protein helps repair these tears and also increase the size and strength of the muscles.  The more muscle you have, the more able you are to burn body fat as muscle burns more calories than fat. The calories you get from the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss will keep you energized and ready to workout for longer periods of time. 

Being healthy is more than just exercise and eating healthy food, it is a frame of mind and a way of living. When living a healthy lifestyle, don’t overlook the positive benefits a weight loss shake can have on your body. Getting healthy nutrition from all available sources will help you stick with your lifestyle and have you looking and feeling better than ever before. 

Meal Replacement Shakes For Athletic Lifestyles

If there is nothing you enjoy more than living an athletic lifestyle, then adding in one of the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss can help you take it to the next level. Being of an athletic nature, you most likely supplement with protein shakes, Creatine, and other bodybuilding supplements to improve your strength and recovery. 

Nutrition is absolutely vital for an athletic lifestyle. After all, you can’t run on empty. Those who are athletic will already have a pretty perfect healthy eating lifestyle, but there are always things you can do to further improve it. A weight loss shake can help you build muscle or cut body fat, depending on how you use it. 

It will also top up your protein intake, and protein is vital for athletic builds. As the building blocks of muscle, or amino acids as they are called, are found in protein, getting a healthy extra dose of it will only help you improve your physique. The best meal replacement shakes for weight loss are also great for cutting phases and will help you eliminate body fat to reveal the contours of your abs and biceps. 

Another body-boosting benefit of a weight loss shake is the high levels of fiber they can contain. There should be a perfect blend of soluble and insoluble fiber in your shake. This is important as it allows you to eat your meals while preventing too much sugar entering your bloodstream at any one time. This means that you avoid those dreaded blood glucose spikes and are better able to stick to healthy eating. 

When combined together, fiber and protein form a powerful fat-burning and muscle-building duo, which is perfect for the athletic way of life. Next up, we have the essential vitamins and minerals. The best meal replacement shakes for weight loss contain all of the most important nutrients to help create a healthy body. Vitamins and minerals are important for those who are athletic, mainly because certain vitamins help with energy distribution. 

The B vitamins are a prime example of this. When you are on top of your B vitamins, then you will have more energy than when you are not. It is the small things that can cause big problems, especially when you are lacking them. If you enjoy strenuous workouts on a daily basis, mixing a meal replacement shake into your protein shake will double the impact it can have on your body. Think of it as a nutritionally-balanced, supercharged shake. 

As you will already know when performing strenuous exercise, your body needs to recover to grow and become stronger. All of the nutrients inside the best meal replacement shakes for weight loss will help your body recover and repair quickly and easily.  All of those extra vitamins and minerals will build a stronger system, while the protein will get to work on helping you grow stronger and leaner. 

Plant-based proteins are an ideal source of protein and can be used by those who are lactose intolerant. If you are not lactose intolerant, adding them to your whey protein will provide you with proteins which are metabolized at different rates. Therefore, you can provide your body with a quick release and slow release protein for an extended delivery period. Basically, you will be feeding your repairing muscles with stable yet consistent protein levels. 

The best meal replacement shakes for weight loss also make for an ideal pre-workout shake and will give you a burst of energy before you start. This ultimately means that you can push yourself harder and for longer. The harder you workout, the more muscle and tone you can build. There is also the fact that a shake is easy to carry and mix, wherever you may be. There will be no need to miss out on a meal and you can ensure your body is well-fed whenever you feel necessary. 

No doubt, you are already taking amazing care of your body. Adding in that little bit of extra care and nutrition will go a long way in boosting your end results. After all, if you have another body-boosting method available, why not take advantage of it? Whatever your level of activity is, there is always room for a great shake to help you along the way. 

Wedding as a Way of Honoring Unmet Grandmother

Madison Kantzer has never had a vision of her ideal wedding as the majority of girls have. For Madison wedding has always been a distant event so that she would prefer to think about it once there is a real marriage proposal. Despite having unusual women lifestyle and vision, one thing has always been clear for Madison: her fairy wedding day would be impossible without amazing beaded dress of her beloved grandmother she never met. 

The big day came at the end of 2015 when Madison’s sweet love Adam Hoffman asked for her hand in marriage. After being engaged women lifestyle often changes dramatically impacting the enchantment of the wedding day for both bride and groom. However, this was not true for Madison and her fiance Adam. She knew nothing can spoil such an important event once she wears a magical dress belonged to her late grandmother who has always been a source of positive energy and inspiration for Madison. 

Adele Schiff Greene, the grandmother of Madison, was a lady of refined taste so that the floor-length, beaded dress once belonged to her has been a family heirloom for many years. As a little girl admiring the dress, Madison had always felt proud of being a granddaughter of a lady with such an exquisite taste. Unfortunately, neither her mother Patricia Greene nor Madison herself did not have the pleasure to spend enough time with Adele. Patricia was only 14 when Adele passed away in 1969 while Madison had not had even a chance to see her alive. 

Adele Schiff Greene passed away in her prime at the age of 40. It turned out to be an irreplaceable loss for the family. Cherishing the dress and keeping Adele alive in stories telling to the family members have become the only way of dealing with the grief. 

According to Madison, her mother Patricia talks a lot about her grandmother. She also has adoptive parents Carl and Geraldine Simon who were friends of Adele willing to support the family after her death. They also tell a number of stories about Adele keeping this stylish woman and her lifestyle alive. 

The stories reveal that Adele was ahead of her time in terms of women lifestyle. Madison’s grandmother stood out of the crowd among the majority of women of that time playing the role of housewives. This amazing lady was not only extremely stylish but also smart so that she had no doubts when decided to apply to law school. 

The tradition of the family to tell stories about Adele Schiff Greene has helped Madison to reveal that she and her grandmother have so much in common. Exactly like her fascinating kinswoman, Madison is self-confident and truly believes that things she does are right. 

The amazing dress has its own unique story that is very important for Madison and her family. The jewelry worn with it and photographs showing Adele wearing the incredible dress are those things that help to remember the original story. 

More than half of the century ago, in 1966, the dress was purchased by Adel from Hirshleifers, an exclusive women lifestyle shop located in Manhasset, New York. Despite being bought in a popular shop, the designer of the dress still remains unknown which makes Adel’s purchase even more mysterious. 

In order to preserve the family heirloom, Patricia went to one of the affiliated stores of Neiman Marcus for help. Being kept in a special light and dust protection packaging, the dress worn more than 50 years ago was perfectly ready for gracing Madison’s wedding that took place on April 9, 2016, at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia. 

After Adam put a ring once belonged to Simon on the ring finger of Madison, the lovebirds wed beneath a prayer shawl that belonged to her great-grandfather. “Everything was exactly as it should be,” Madison said. 

After the marriage ceremony was completed, the bride changed the legendary dress to floral Adrianna Papell gown. Despite being eye-catching, the second dress was unable to make the same impression as the beaded gown of the fascinating lady from a distant past Adele Schiff Greene. 

The dress helped not only to make the wedding outstanding and unique but also to ensure that beloved unmet grandmother had the ability to attend the special occasion of her granddaughter at least in spirit. “I knew that grandmother was kind of here,” Madison said, “and I know that this was especially important for my mother, Patricia.” 

A Creative Mind – Sophia Webster

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. That is definitely told about Sophia Webster’s way to the top. 

After graduation from the Royal College of Art, Sophia was an apprentice Assistant Designer in Nicholas Kirkwood. From that moment on Sophia started to come up with sophisticated ideas as for women shoe design. To her, it’s something more than just work. Sophia’s assured shoes are one of the most exquisite kinds of woman lifestyle accessory. 

“I think shoes are really powerful. I think they have magical powers that other accessories don’t have. They make you stand in a different way. You hold your body differently. They make you physically look like the best version of yourself.”Says shoe designer Sophia Webster. 

Early Years and First success. 

The first time when her passion for shoes came to the surface was when Sophia was studying for her MA at Royall College of Art. There she caught an eye of Kirkwood, famous British footwear designer. 

During the classes, she started to come up with her first ideas of unordinary shoe design and encountered a heavy critic from the mentors. They were telling her to give up on these ideas as it was looking “too commercial” as they said. 

After graduation, she was invited to become an apprentice designerin Nicholas Kirkwood.

“Nicholas gave me a lot of freedom. He is so imaginative and has a strong vision of what he wants a shoe to look like,” she says. “But I did have to learn and do things his way, so it’s nice now to be completely selfish and do what I want to do.” 

Sophia kept her point to the end, and on September 2012 she launched her first eponymous footwear line. The next year Conde Nast Footwear news named Webster the “Emerging Footwear Designer of the Year 2013.” And she also appeared on The Times 2013 New Power list as a new attendee. At the beginning of 2014, Marie Claire announced Sophia Webster as one of seven designers who will make the future of the British fashion. Further, Sophia received a considerable amount of rewards making her one of the most renowned woman lifestyle accessory designers in the world. 

Webster’s style. 

Webster’s woman lifestyle collections test the imagination thanks to their playful, fashion-forward styles. 

For some time, she was gathering inspiration from Brazil and various artists. All of her masterpieces shining with the vibrant colors (think of neon yellow, pastel blue, and hot pink). Whimsical motifs and funky materials are prevailing in her set. Styles range from platforms and kitten heels to flats beaded with decorations inspired by various sources. Each of her piece makes a statement, whether it’s lace-ups with laser-cut flamingos or polka-dot block heels. Her favorite pièce de résistance of summer woman lifestyle collection is a sleek ankle strap sandal representing Rio-de-Janeiro sunset, complete with a palm tree. 

Inspiration and a blank canvas. 

Nowadays after Sophia’s company grown from 30 employees to an enterprise that sells its goods in more than 200 countries, she still surprises her public with every release. Woman lifestyle accessories are never the same and completely different from one another. But how is it possible for all these years of hard work and production to create something new, not even close to what was before? Sophia says one of her constant sources of inspiration is music. She never takes headphones off when she’s working. Usually, after hearing a new fascinating song, she starts to burst with ideas, as she says, and rushes to create a new model starting from the most extraordinary parts. This is a usual way she creates most of her woman lifestyle accessories. 

Another source of inspiration is movies. 

“I definitely look to films, and I’m a big Tim Burton fan. My 2016 autumn-winter collection was inspired by Beetle juice movie.” 

Sophia takes a lot of time watching movies and then representing them in her woman lifestyle collections. 

As Sophia says, she sees a shoe like a blank canvas and applies all her inspired-mind ideas on it to bring colors and unique view. 

These days 

After all, it’s not surprising that even on the present moment, Sophia Webster keeps presenting brand-new and outstanding woman lifestyle accessories. In her flagship retail store that was opened just a year ago, on Mayfair’s Mount Street in London she presents all her recent masterpieces. To add, even the interior design inside the building translates her signature brand codes into a brick. Furniture boasts with different-color palettes and cleverly combined details from her cult footwear collections. We all hope that Sophia won’t stop surprising the fashion’s world with her constantly new and specific footwear and will continue to build the future of woman lifestyle accessories. 

Using Probiotics Supplement to Fight Bloating After the Holidays 

It always feels good to spend quality time with your loved ones during the holiday season. However, after the holidays, it’s common to find many people complaining about stomach upsets. Some of the foods that you eat during the holiday season contain chemicals that promote digestive problems like excessive gas and bloating. While some people choose to let their problems run its course, others have already realized how probiotics can aid in their issues. Read on to learn how to deal with bloating. 

What’s the Solution? 

Having an ideal plan before the holidays can help you reduce or avoid experiencing excessive gas in your system. It’s wise to avoid foods that are known to cause bloating and gas, for example: 

  • Whole grains
  • Peas, lentils, and beans
  • Sodas
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Fiber supplements containing Metamucil
  • Vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, and broccoli

Also, you should try to mix foods that promote stomach upset with the ones that are useful in getting rid of excessive gas and bloating. For example, cinnamon, and home-made concoctions of baking soda and lemon juice can help. When you wake up before you take anything you are advised to add this concoction or cinnamon to a glass of water and drink it. This way, no matter what you eat after, you will be protected from gas and bloating. Water plays a very important role in almost all functions of your body, including digestion. In this light, you should try to stay hydrated at all times. 

Fruit infused water keeps you hydrated.

Another trick to try is to consume more tea. Tea such as Peppermint, Ginger, and Chamomile contains special chemicals that help with digestion problems. Peppermint contains menthol that is ideal for muscle relaxation of the digestive system, and Ginger contains gingerols and shogaols, which helps relieve excessive gas. Chamomile is a special tea that helps users to relax. Additionally, if you feel like you need more, adding cinnamon to your tea can help you to relax and relieve gas and bloating. 

It’s also important to note that your body may disagree with more than one type of food. Sometimes, the problem in your gut could be more serious than you imagined. Probiotics can help you bring your gut to the normal level. 

Probiotics Explained 

What exactly are probiotics? They are one of the bacteria that live in our bodies, in areas such as the stomach, colon, mouth, and more. Honestly, this may seem scary to some people, but it’s the truth. Studies show that there are more microorganisms in the human body compared to vital cells (ratio of 10:1). A collection of these microorganisms in the body, including the different types of probiotics, forms a mini-ecosystem known as the microbiome. The microbiome varies from each other completely, even if they are identical twins. 

As mentioned earlier, the microbiome is like a small eco-system that exists in our bodies. Its formation starts small and can be compared to the creation of a baby. The foods that you eat play a very important role in the growth and development of these microbes. Scholars from all over the world have done lots of research to find out how microbes help in the digestion process. It was discovered that microbiomes are important when it comes to the digestion of foods that we consume and processing nutrients. Now you understand why certain foods are said to be promoters of gas and bloating. 

Functions of probiotics.

Fortunately, probiotics are designed to solve these problems. They produce special types of bacteria that help balance your body’s ecosystem. By doing so, common digestive problems, such as irritable bowel disorder is fixed. Additionally, probiotics have other health benefits, including mood booster and improved immunity. Also, some of them are ideal for a particular group of people, like pregnant women. Given that microbes are found everywhere in our bodies, it makes sense to introduce a special type of bacteria to help fight them. 

In some situations, stomach upset can disappear on its own, but other times, an active approach is needed to relieve it. If you feel like you have excessive gas in your system, you are advised to consider adopting some of the tips mentioned above to deal with digestion issues. Also, like they say, if the problem persists, you should visit your physician. They are trained to deal with these kinds of issues and are also better placed to tell if there are any underlying conditions that are making you feel uncomfortable in your gut.