42 recipes That Will Help You Lose Weight And Eliminate the Fat On Your Abs

It’s easier to lose weight when you’re eating something you like. Actually enjoying the food you eat will definitely help you a lot in managing to live a healthy life and controlling the number of calories you take in. Also, if your overall diet is consistent, you will be astonished by the upcoming transformation.

Most of these can be cooked in larger quantities so you can have them more than once in a week and parts of them can be cooked in advance so you don’t have to spend a lot of time when you want to eat them, therefore making your meal schedule more manageable. 

Here are what the most reputable nutrition websites and blogs recommend as being the 42 best, tastiest and healthiest dinners to help you lose weight. 

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  1. One pan lemon roast chicken asparagus – Roast some lemon pepper potatoes next to it and you have what you need for a great Friday night dinner. 
  2. Chili Lime Steak Fajitas – This is oneof those extremely easy recipes. I have removed the guac and pico de gallo to make it a lot simpler to just put together a late night dinner without too much  struggle. 
  3. Crispy honey-glazed orange salmon – Fillets are fried in a pan using an amazing garlic sauce with honey orange,  with flavor added by a bit of soy 
  4. Chicken burrito bowls – These chicken burrito bowls come with chicken seasoned with the taco, lime rice, salsa, beans,  corn, guacamole, and a super creamy cilantro sauce. 
  5. Vegan red Thai coconut curry – Covered by a consistent coconut sauce and brimming with delicious vegetables, this is perfect for those chilly nights when you want to get warm 
  6. Cheesy pea soup with roasted pea croutons – This was a great recipe on its own, but I managed to make it even  better by adding roasted peas as croutons, making the whole thing creamier and  cheesier. 
  7. Skillet Beef and broccoli ramen – The beauty of this is the very fast cooking time, due to using the same skillet to  cook the meat, sauce and the broccoli. They’re all put in one by one, first the  meat, then the sauce and then the broccoli is steamed above the sauce. 
  8. Super-fast vegan black bean burgers – They have an amazing texture, the red onion making them a little sweet, along  with the barbecue sauce. The perfect mix of flavors makes this the ideal  burger. Salad toppings and barbecue sauce help make this even better. 
  9. The best oven fried chicken – This is one of the most popular recipes because it’s very close to the taste you get  buying chicken at KFC, but the chicken is fried in the oven, for a much  healthier result. Not even kids can tell the difference between the two, so  it’s the perfect mix of a great taste and a healthy meal. 
  10. Slow cooker beef and sweet potato stew – Few feelings compare to the one you get when you come home and your meal is ready,  fresh out of the oven and fills your home with scents and aromas. This meal  will give you exactly that. 
  11. Simple sausage and butterbean casserole – This is one of those recipes for a meal to enjoy on a midweek dinner with the entire family. 
  12. Chicken and bacon pasta with spinach and tomatoes in garlic cream sauce – This meal beautifully mixes spices, tomatoes,  garlic and bacon flavors in a great sauce. 
  13. kebabs – This is a barbeque style kebab, with the bacon and chicken mixed with the pineapple and barbecue sauce. 
  14. Kale detox salad with pesto – This amazingly tasting salad has potatoes, carrots, brown rice kale, chickpeas, and green pesto, in a super healthy mix. 
  15. Vegetable minestrone soup – This is one of the most versatile recipes, because If you’re missing one of the vegetables needed, you can easily substitute it for another one. 
  16. Twice baked chicken fajita sweet potatoes – Potatoes with a sweet fajita filling make for a delicious and light meal. 
  17. One pan healthy sauce and veggies – sauce, veggies, and herbs all cooked in one pan and ready in 10 minutes. 
  18. Garlic parmesan crusted salmon and asparagus – This is one of the healthiest recipes  for cooking salmon, and it’s also gluten-free. 
  19. Sheet pan lemon parmesan garlic chicken and veggies – This is a recipe for a complete  dinner, with the garlic butter sauce smothering the potatoes and green beans. 
  20. Teriyaki glazed chicken salad – Avocado, cucumbers and carrots will make this a treat for sushi lovers. 
  21. Caesar salad – this is both a salad and a full meal, and your whole family will love it. 
  22. One pan cod with chorizo and chickpeas – This is one of the tastiest recipes out there, and it only takes 30 minutes for it to be ready. 
  23. BBQ ribs with Asian coleslaw – Use this with the Heinz barbecues sauce and you’re  in for an absolute treat. 
  24. Cheesy pulled pork, quesadillas – this is best when it’s slow cooked, so the best thing you can do is leaving it to cook overnight. 
  25. meatballs – This is an excellent way to cook curry, and it doesn’t compare to equivalents you can buy in a store. 
  26. One pan honey mustard chicken and potatoes – An amazing mix and one of the most  popular recipes. 
  27. tacos – This can easily be made into multiple meals, making it great for a family environment. 
  28. Vegan pad thai – one of the best International Thai recipes and a dish that’s easily made into a vegan one. 
  29. Lemon chicken and asparagus foil packs – You can either bake or grill these and in 30 minutes your delicious meal will be ready. 
  30. Sicilian style salmon with garlic mushrooms – A simple Sicilian fish dinner. 
  31. Low fast pesto vegan pasta salad – Originally not one of the healthiest recipes, this was transformed into a low fat, gluten free vegan wonder. 
  32. Paleo sweet potato waffles – a simple gluten, sugar and dairy free meal 
  33. Sweet and sour chicken – Healthy and additive free ingredients and flavor-filled. 
  34. Coconut Lime chicken – Quick and easy to make one pan dish. 
  35. One pan paleo cranberry balsamic roasted chicken – a wonder for your immune and digestive system, this super crispy dish is also easy to make. 
  36. Vegan Jalapeno Chickpea mac and cheese – This spicy meal takes 45 minutes to cook and  you can make it last for days. 
  37. Whole30 cashew chicken – One of those recipes if you’re lacking time, it’s simple to  understand and easy to make. 
  38. Grilled adobo chicken burgers – Styles from The Philippines and Mexico combined to  create this unique, healthy and amazingly tasting the burger. 
  39. Healthy baked chicken parmesan – Out of all recipes for chicken parmesan, this homemade the version is one of the healthiest, but without compromising taste. 
  40. Spicy tenderstem and peanut noodle stir-fry – The perfect food to cheer you up when you’re feeling down. 
  41. One pot Ratatouille spaghetti – an amazing, healthy, vegan and gluten-free way to cook spaghetti. 
  42. Butternut squash with rosemary and halloumi – If  you’re trying to add more vegetarian recipes to your diet this is the place to begin.