Hundreds of tons of cyanide

Chinese army admitted on Sunday that in the industrial area of ​​the port city of Tianjin were stored hundreds of tons of cyanide, said “AFP.”

General Shi Lutsze, Chief of Staff of the Beijing Military District, told a news conference that a highly toxic substance was found in at least two places. According to preliminary estimates it comes to several hundred tons.

SMR did not specify what exactly cyanide was detected. Chinese media, however, announced in advance that it is sodium, a total amount of 700 tons.

This recognition strengthened fears of poisoning the area of ​​the metropolis with a population of 15 million people. Families of the victims of blasts on Wednesday accused the authorities that hide the truth and websites were blocked for spreading rumors.

The government continues to soothe residents of Tianjin, although the increased concentration of certain pollutants in city air breathable.

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang arrived Sunday afternoon at the site of the explosions, to lead the rescue operation – a common practice in similar circumstances. Official media showed Lee with a straight face without a protective mask. So far confirmed the death of 112 people; 95 people, including 85 firefighters, were missing.

Likely to be found survivors is small, acknowledged General Shi Lutsze. More than 700 people were admitted to hospital after the explosions caused fires that firefighters have not yet extinguished completely. On Saturday in Tianjin new explosions echoed.